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Book Reviews

Claudia Naidu


Book Review 1

Book Title: Preventive Myocardiology

Book Author: W Raab

Pp. xviii + 227. Illustrated. $13.50. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas. 1970.

Book Review 2

Book Title: The Artificial Cardiac Pacemaker

Book Authors: H.J.T. Thalen, J.W. van den Berg, J.N.H. van der Heide & J. Nieveen

Pp. 359. Illustrated. £6.6.0. London: William Heinemann. 1970.

Book Review 3

Book Title: Modem Trends in Paediatrics-3

Book Author: J Apley (Ed.)

Pp. x + 347. lllustrated. R8.40. London and Durban: Butterworths. 1970.

Book Review 4

Book Title: Fatal Civil Aircraft Accidents

Book Author: P.J. Stevens

Pp. xii + 206. llIustrated. £5.0.0. Bristol: John Wright & Sons. 1970.

Book Review 5

Book Title: Hemopoietic Cellular Proliferation

Book Author: F Stohlman

Pp. xii + 333. Geillustreer. $19.75. New York en Londen: Grune & Stratton. 1970

Book Review 6

Book Title: Big Fleas have Little Fleas

Book Author: R Hegner

Pp. viii + 285. Illustrated. $2.00. New York: Dover Publications. 1968.

Book Review 7

Book Title: A Physiological Approach to Clinical Neurology

Book Author: J.W. Lance

Pp. xi + 246. Illustrated. R8.40. London and Durban: Butterworths. 1970

Book Review 8

Book Title: Hematologic Reviews

Book Author: J.L. Ambrus

Pp. xii + 285. $18.75. New York: Marcel Dekker. 1970.

Book Review 9

Book Title: Allergy of the Nervous System

Book Author: F Speer (Ed.)

Pp. xvii + 259. Illustrated. $13.25. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C.
Thomas. 1970.

Book Review 10

Book Title: Treatment for Children

Book Author: D.T. Maclay

Pp. 247. £3.0.0. London: George AlIen & Unwin. 1970.

Book Review 11

Book Title: Psychology in Relation to Medicine

Book Authors: R.M. Mowbray & T.F. Rodger (Eds.)

Pp. vii + 421. R3.60. Edrnburgh and London: E. & S. Livingstone. 1970.

Book Review 12

Book Title: Gynecological Oncology

Book Authors: H.R.K. Barber & E.A. Graber (Eds.)

Pp. xx + 385. Illustrated. £10.9.0. Amsterdam: Excerpta Medica. 1970.

Book Review 13

Book Title:  The Current Status of Liquid Scintillation Counting 

Book Author: E.D. Bransome

M.D. Pp. xxi + 394. Gelllustreer. $19.75. New York en Londen: Grune & Sratton. 1970.

Book Review 14

Book Title: The Ileostomy Patient

Book Authors: E Lenneberg & J.L. Rowbotham

Pp. xvii + 208. $12.50. Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas. 1970.

Book Review 15

Book Title: Men in Space

Book Authors: E Rabinowitch & R.S. Lewis (Eds.)

Pp. xiv + 204. £2.5.0. Aylesbury: Medical and Technical Publishing. 197U. Obtainable from Cotton & Hardie, Pinelands, Cape.

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