Published: 2018-08-05

The increasing burden of asthma in South African children: A call to action

R Masekela, CL Gray, J Green, AI Manjra, FE Kritzinger, M Levin, H Zar

The diagnosis of asthma in children: An evidence-based approach to a common clinical dilemma

R Masekela, SM Risenga, OP Kitchin, DA White, G Davis, P Goussard, AI Manjra, FE Kritzinger, M Levin, H Zar, RJ Green

A multicentre, cross-sectional study investigating the prevalence of hypertensive disease in patients presenting for elective surgery in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

K van der Spuy, M Crowther, M Nejthardt, F Roodt, J Davids, J Roos, E Cloete, T Pretorius, G Davies, J van der Walt, C van der Westhuizen, M Flint, J Swanevelder, B Biccard

Quality of counselling and support provided by the South African National AIDS Helpline: Content analysis of mystery client interviews

N Arullapan, MF Chersich, N Mashabane, M Richter, N Geffen, J Vearey, L Jankelowitz, F Scorgie, WDF Venter