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Issue Title
Vol 106, No 3 (2016) A clinical and molecular investigation of two South African families with Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome Abstract   PDF
C Spencer, K Fieggen, A Vorster, P Beighton
HP Wassermann, AJ Brink, MJ Theron
Vol 37, No 1 (1963) A clinical assessment of the oral anti-diabetic drugs Abstract   PDF
T. Schneider, I. R. Yudaken
Vol 106, No 8 (2016) A clinical audit of the utilisation of red cell products in elective total hip replacement surgery Abstract   PDF
YG Peters, AR Bird, GRM Bellairs, GM Davison
Vol 35, No 10 (1961) A clinical classification of cephalo-pelvic disproportion Abstract   PDF
C.J.T. Craig
Vol 40, No 11 (1966) A clinical classification of the idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn Abstract   PDF
H. de V. Heese, A.F. Malan
Vol 47, No 8 (1973) A clinical delineation of tachyphemia (cluttering) Abstract   PDF
J Op't Hof, IC Uys
Vol 48, No 8 (1974) A clinical delineation of Tachyphemia (cluttering) Abstract   PDF
J. Opt Hof, Isabella C. Uys
Vol 30, No 6 (1956) A clinical evaluation of Surital Sodium (thiamylal sodium) Abstract   PDF
Mollie B. Barlow, Hilde Ginsberg
Vol 30, No 12 (1956) A clinical trial of Carbutamide (BZ 55) in diabetics admitted to hospital Abstract   PDF
S.J. Saunders, W.P.U Jackson, G.C. Linder
Vol 30, No 12 (1956) A clinical trial of Carbutamide (BZ 55) in the diabetics clinic Abstract   PDF
W.P.U. Jackson, G.C. Linder, Joseph B. Herman, R. Hoffenberg, M.J. Bailey, R. Weinberg, I. Grayce
Vol 34, No 12 (1960) A clinical trial of guanethidine in hypertension Abstract   PDF
J. C. Shee, B. J. Baldachin, J.E.P. Thomas
Vol 34, No 1 (1960) A clinical trial of melleril (TP-21) in the treatment of mental disorders Abstract   PDF
F.J.G. Haupt
Vol 33, No 9 (1959) A clinical trial of pempidine in the treatment of hypertension Abstract   PDF
P.W.A. Botha
Vol 33, No 8 (1959) A clinical trial of Stelazine in the treatment of mental disorders Abstract   PDF
E.H. Langschmit
Vol 105, No 12 (2015) A clinical update on paediatric lupus Abstract   PDF
GW Spittal, LB Lewandowski, C Scott
Vol 39, No 9 (1965) A clinico-pathological assessment of the value of Urinary oestriol assays during the third trimester of pregnancy Abstract   PDF
Willem D. Marais, F.E. Du Toit
Vol 35, No 4 (1961) A closed epidemic of acute aseptic meningitis caused by echo virus type 4: part II laboratory studies Abstract   PDF
W.H. Howarth, W du T. Naudé, W.B. Becker, H.H. Malherbe, R Harwin
Vol 43, No 3 (1969) A coding system for the arrhythmias Abstract   PDF
L. Schamroth, H. David Friedman
Vol 106, No 3 (2016) A cohort study of elderly people in Bloemfontein, South Africa, to determine health-related quality of life and functional abilities Abstract   PDF
AM Gerber, R Botes, A Mostert, A Vorster, E Buskens
Vol 47, No 9 (1973) A community medical service using two-Way radio Abstract   PDF
CW Allwood
Vol 79, No 3 (1991) A comparative assessment of commonly employed staining procedures for the diagnosis of ' cryptosporidiosis Abstract   PDF
D. Moodley, T.F.H.G. Jackson, V Gathiram, J Van Den Ende
Vol 97, No 8 (2007) A comparative risk assessment for South Africa in 2000: Towards promoting health and preventing disease Abstract   PDF
R Norman, D Bradshaw, M Schneider, J Joubert, P Groenewald, S Lewin, K Steyn, T Vos, R Laubscher, N Nannan, B Nojilana, D Pieterse, South African Comparitive Risk Assessment Collaboration Grou
Vol 39, No 7 (1965) A comparative study of acid-base determination using the astrup micro-technique Abstract   PDF
A.F. Malan, A. Evans, H. De V. Heese
Vol 79, No 1 (1991) A comparative study of atenolol, nifedipine and their combination in the treatment of hypertension Abstract   PDF
D.H.G. Smith, J.M. Neutel, D. Jankelow, J.J.L. Pretorius, D.P. Myburgh
WF Scott
Vol 33, No 5 (1959) A comparative study of Methitural (Neraval) and Thiopentone Abstract   PDF
C.S. Jones, A.B. Bull
Vol 48, No 5 (1974) A comparative study of pycnodysostosis, cleidocranial dysostosis, osteopetrosis and acro-osteolysis Abstract   PDF
A. Wolpowitz, A. Matisonn
Vol 47, No 5 (1973) A Comparative Study of Pycnodysostosis, Cleidocranial Dysostosis, Osteopetrosis and Acro-osteolysis Abstract   PDF
A Wolpowitz, A Matisonn
Vol 45, No 11 (1971) A comparative study of rural and urban Venda males* Abstract   PDF
A. Le R. van der Merwe, S.A. Fellingham
Vol 43, No 11 (1969) A comparative study of the availability of sulphafurazole from commercial brands of sulphafurazole tablets Abstract   PDF
A.P. Goossens, M.C.B. van Oudtshoorn
Vol 40, No 10 (1966) A comparative study of the rest performances of brain-injured emotionally disturbed and normal children Abstract   PDF
P.G. Colman
Vol 45, No 6 (1971) A comparative trial with combinations of rifampicin, ethambutol and isoniazid (hydronsan) in previously untreated cases of pulmonary tuberculosis Abstract   PDF
B.A. Dormer, P.L. Salinger
Vol 88, No 7 (1998) A compariso of mebendazole and albendazole in treating children with Trichuris trichiura infection in Durban, South Africa Abstract   PDF
TFHG Jackson, SR Epstein, E Gouws, RF Cheetham
Vol 45, No 7 (1971) A Comparison Between Doxycycline and Ampicillin in the treatment of Bronchopneumonia complicating measles Abstract   PDF
I.R. Lang
Vol 43, No 11 (1969) A comparison between haemodynamic and cellular micro electrode experiments with the cardiac aglycone epoxyscillirosidin Abstract   PDF
P.J. Pretorius, J.J. Van der Walt, J.M. Kruger
Vol 47, No 12 (1973) A Comparison between Oral Pivampicillin and Ampicillin in Children with Bronchopneumonia Abstract   PDF
J.G. Prinsloo, A. Cicoria, R.G. Robinson, N.F. Laubscher
Vol 47, No 10 (1973) A comparison between ultrasonic and clinical diagnostic reliability in early pregnancy complications Abstract   PDF
RFP Kukard, M Coetzee
Vol 47, No 10 (1973) A Comparison of Oral feeding and total parenteral nutrition in infants of very low birthweight Abstract   PDF
SC Higgs, AF Malan, H DE V Heese
Vol 103, No 8 (2013) A comparison of pregnancy dating methods commonly used in South Africa: A prospective study Abstract   PDF
L Geerts, E Poggenpoel, G Theron
Vol 78, No 8 (1990) A comparison of prescribing patterns and consequent costs at Alexandra Health Centre and in private fee-for-service medical aid sector Abstract   PDF
M.R. Price
Vol 107, No 12 (2017) A comparison of private and public sector intensive care unit infrastructure in South Africa Abstract   PDF
S Mahomed, A.W. Sturm, P Moodley
Vol 78, No 9 (1990) A comparison of the clinical relevance of thallium201 and technetium-99m-methoxyisobutyl-isonitrile for the evaluation of myocardial blood flow Abstract   PDF
C.P. Herbst, H. Du T. Theron, A. Van Aswegen, P. H. T. Kleynhans, A. C. Otto, P. C. Minnaar
Vol 45, No 3 (1971) A comparison of the effects of no radrenaline, adrenaline and some phenylephrine derivatives on alpha-, betal " and beta2- adrenergic receptors Abstract   PDF
J. Offermeier, A.C. Dreyer
Vol 68, No 8 (1983) A comparison of the efficacy of sotalol and nadolol in the suppression of ventricular ectopic beats Abstract   PDF
D.P. Myburgh, R Smith, T.H. Diamond, H.L. Faitelson, De K. Sommers
Vol 103, No 12 (2013) A comparison of the pharmacokinetics of Aspen Ceftriaxone and Rocephin in community-acquired meningitis Abstract   PDF
GA Richards, E Elliott, EJ Shaddock, D Mushi, M Mzileni, R Ray, S Rulisa, F Seolwane, SL Stacey, A Stolz, JP Venturas, H Schoeman
Vol 40, No 6 (1966) A comparison of two pregnancy tests Abstract   PDF
W.M. Politzer, I. Bersohn
Vol 31, No 11 (1957) A comparison of urinary oestrogen levels in normal male South African Bantu and European subjects Abstract   PDF
I. Bersohn, P.J. Oelofse
Vol 108, No 12 (2018) A contextualisation approach to health promotion guideline development in South Africa Abstract   PDF
N Siegfried, B Draper, G Draper, M Porter, C Bonaconsa, J Hunter, L Moeng-Mahlangu, S Asmall
Vol 98, No 5 (2008): A contrast-enhanced ultrasound study of benign and malignant breast tissue Abstract   PDF
S Barnard, E Leen, T Cooke, W Angerson
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