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Editorial Editorial
Vol 30, No 4 (1956) Chemotherapy of leukaemia: I. Myleran in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukaemia Abstract   PDF
H.B.W. Greig
Vol 30, No 4 (1956) Chemotherapy of leukaemia: II 6-mercapto-purine ('purinethol') in the treatment of acute leukaemia and some other neoplastic diseases of the reticuloendothelial system Abstract   PDF
H.B.W. Greig, J Metz, M.H. Laird, D Zentkowsky, M.M.F. Fitzpatrick
Vol 103, No 6 (2013) Chesed Children’s Clinic: A nonprofit, paediatric primary care outreach clinic in the Eastern Cape created by junior doctors and volunteers Abstract   PDF
DM Favara, L Makin
Vol 31, No 8 (1957) Chest pain as the only symptom of gastric ulcer Abstract   PDF
A Shedrow
Vol 33, No 2 (1959) Chest pain in the diagnosis of gastric ulcer Abstract   PDF
A. Shedrow
Vol 68, No 9 (1983) Chikungunya virus infection - A retrospective study of 107 cases Abstract   PDF
S.W. Brighton, O.W. Prozesky, A.L. de la Harpe
Vol 100, No 4 (2010) Child consent in South African law: Implications for researchers, service providers and policy-makers Abstract   PDF
A Strode, C Slack, Z Essack
Vol 37, No 8 (1963) CHILD HEALTH AND FAMILY SIZE Abstract   PDF
I Robertson, M Kemp
Vol 97, No 8 (2007): Child mortality in South Africa – we have lost touch Abstract   PDF
D Bradshaw, R Dorrington
Vol 108, No 3 (2018): Maternal and Child Health Supplement Child mortality in South Africa: Fewer deaths, but better data are needed Abstract   PDF
L.J. Bamford, N.H. McKerrow, P Barron, Y Aung
Vol 85, No 2 (1995) Child pedestrian injuries in the Cape metropolitan area - final results of a hospital-based study Abstract   PDF
David Bass, Rene Albertyn, Jeanette Melis
Vol 99, No 3 (2009): Child’s play: Exposure to household pesticide use among children in rural, urban and informal areas of South Africa Abstract   PDF
S Tolosana, H-A Rother, L London
Vol 95, No 6 (2005): Childhood atopic eczema consensus document Childhood atopic eczema consensus document Abstract   PDF
AI Manjra, P du Plessis, R Weiss, CM Motala, PC Potter, N Raboobee, N Ndlova, EG Weinberg
Vol 103, No 2 (2013) Childhood cancer in Côte d’Ivoire, 1995 - 2004 – challenges and hopes Abstract   PDF
JJA Yao, Y Atimere, D Koné, R Azagoh-Kouadio, MS Oulai, DC Stefan
Vol 105, No 11 (2015) Childhood cancer incidence in South Africa, 1987 - 2007 Abstract   PDF
DC Stefan, DK Stones, RD Wainwright, M Kruger, A Davidson, J Poole, GP Hadley, D Forman, M Colombet, E Steliarova-Foucher
Vol 104, No 7 (2014) Childhood cancer survival rates in two South African units Abstract   PDF
DK Stones, GP de Bruin, TM Esterhuizen, DC Stefan
Vol 78, No 10 (1990) Childhood near-drowning - a 12-year retrospective review Abstract   PDF
S.M. Kibel, F.O. Nagel, J. Myers, S Cywes
Vol 96, No 9 (2006): Part 2 Childhood pneumonia - progress and challenges Abstract   PDF
Heather J Zar, Shabir A Madhi
Vol 40, No 10 (1966) Childhood schizophrenia Abstract   PDF
M.V. Buhrmann
Vol 99, No 10 (2009) Childhood tuberculosis infection and disease: A spatial and temporal transmission analysis in a South African township Abstract   PDF
K Middelkoop, L-G Bekker, C Morrow, E Zwane, R Wood
Vol 33, No 4 (1959) Children in hospital Abstract   PDF
Ben Epstein
Vol 106, No 3 (2016) Children with disabling chronic conditions in the Western health subdistrict of Cape Town, South Africa: Estimating numbers and service gaps Abstract   PDF
A Redfern, A Westwood, KA Donald
Vol 45, No 6 (1971) Chiropractors Abstract   PDF
Editorial Editorial
Vol 31, No 11 (1957) Chirurgiese skildkliertoestande: Toksies en neoplasties Abstract   PDF
H.J. Besselaar
Vol 30, No 2 (1956) Chlordane poisoning Abstract   PDF
Editorial Editorial
Vol 78, No 9 (1990) Chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria in the Kavango region of Namibia Abstract   PDF
B. L. Sharp, J. A. Freese
Vol 32, No 9 (1958) Chlorothiazide- its mode of action and its use in patients with oedema Abstract   PDF
S.J. Saunders
Vol 45, No 8 (1971) Chlorpromazine, Clotiapine and Thioridazine- A C10mparative Clinical Trial on Bantu Psychotic Patients Abstract   PDF
A.J. Van Wyk, G.F.T. Marais
Vol 30, No 6 (1956) Chlorpromazine hydrochloride in anaesthesia Abstract   PDF
John Tait Russell
Vol 34, No 1 (1960) Chlorpropamide (Diabinese) in diabetes with special reference to tolbutamide-failed cases Abstract   PDF
Joseph B. Herman, W.P.U. Jackson
Vol 92, No 7 (2002) Choice of diuretics for treatment of essential hypertension Abstract   PDF
Brian Rayner
Vol 79, No 1 (1991) Cholangiography and endoscopic sphincterotomy in the management of severe acute gallstone pancreatitis discovered at diag~osticlaparotomy Abstract   PDF
S. van der Spuy
Vol 32, No 4 (1958) Cholecystectomy in patients with coronary heart disease Abstract   PDF
Thomas J. Dry
Vol 30, No 4 (1956) Choledochal cyst Abstract   PDF
Samuel Skapinker
Vol 47, No 12 (1973) Choledochoduodenostomie en Sfinkteroplastiek Abstract   PDF
J.B. Fichardt, D.R. De Villiers, P.C. Bornman
Vol 32, No 11 (1958) Choledochopathy Abstract   PDF
E. Alan Price
Vol 45, No 1 (1971) Cholera-its nature, management and prevention Abstract   PDF
D.J.M. Mackenzie
Vol 45, No 4 (1971) Cholesterol, coronary heart disease and oestrogens Abstract   PDF
Wulf. H. Utian
Vol 48, No 2 (1974) Cholesterol determinations in serum Abstract   PDF
F.M. Engelbrecht, F. Mori, J.T. Anderson
Vol 96, No 8 (2006): Chondral fracture of the femoral trochlea Abstract   PDF
RVP de Villiers, PJ Erasmus
Vol 37, No 1 (1963) Chondro-ectodermal dysplasia (Ellis-Van-Creveld syndrome) Abstract   PDF
Helen Sender
Vol 47, No 4 (1973) Chondrosarcoma in Hereditary Multiple Exostosis Abstract   PDF
L Solomon
Vol 48, No 4 (1974) Chondrosarcoma in Hereditary Multiple Exostosis Abstract   PDF
L. Solomon
Vol 47, No 3 (1973) Chordoma Abstract   PDF
T Fitchart, PC de Villiers
Vol 48, No 3 (1974) Chordoma Abstract   PDF
T. Fichardt, P.C. de Villiers
Vol 47, No 3 (1973) Christo Beyers-Sy Tydgenote en Geskrifte Abstract   PDF
CJ Mieny
Vol 48, No 3 (1974) Christo Beyers-sy tydgenote en geskrifte Abstract   PDF
C.J. Mieny
Vol 40, No 10 (1966) Chromomycin a 3 (toyomycin)and radiotherapy in the treatment of advanced malignancy Abstract   PDF
Geoffrey Falkson, AG Sandison, H.C. Falkson, T. Fichardt
J Burnhams
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