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Vol 104, No 4 (2014) Clinicians ignore best practice guidelines: Prospective audit of cardiac injury marker ordering in patients with chest pain Abstract   PDF
U Bellbhudder, JC Stanfliet
Vol 39, No 9 (1965) Clitocybe toxica Abstract   PDF
N. Sapeika, E.L. Stephens
Vol 47, No 3 (1973) Clonidine in the Management of Uncontrolled Hypertension Abstract   PDF
WF Lubbe
Vol 48, No 3 (1974) Clonidine in the management of uncontrolled hypertension Abstract   PDF
W.F. Lubbe
Vol 32, No 5 (1958) Closed panel appointments to benefit societies in relation to medical ethics Abstract   PDF
Claudia Naidu
Vol 47, No 9 (1973) Closed pericardial biopsy Abstract   PDF
PM Naidoo, C Chan Yan, RA Wong, L Ou Tim, S Louw
Vol 98, No 9 (2008): Closed suction drainage versus closed simple drainage in the management of modified radical mastectomy wounds Abstract   PDF
ER Ezeome, CA Adebamowo
Vol 108, No 3 (2018): Maternal and Child Health Supplement Closing the gaps to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV (MTCT) in South Africa: Understanding MTCT case rates, factors that hinder the monitoring and attainment of targets, and potential game changers Abstract   PDF
A Goga, W Chirinda, N.K. Ngandu, K Ngoma, S Bhardwaj, U Feucht, N Davies, M Ntloana, O Mhlongo, T Silere-Maqetseba, F Moyo, G Sherman
Vol 34, No 6 (1960) Clostridium Welchii infection following abortion Abstract   PDF
JW Harris
Vol 89, No 3 (1999) Closure of peritoneum at laparotomy - A survey of gynaecological practice Abstract   PDF
A.A. Bamigboye, E.J. Buchmann, V.C. Nikodem, G.J. Hofmeyr
Vol 47, No 6 (1973) Cloxacillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Children's Hospital Abstract   PDF
WG Davis, CE White
Vol 48, No 6 (1974) Cloxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a children's hospital Abstract   PDF
W.G. Davis, C.E. White
Vol 47, No 3 (1973) Coarctation of the Aorta in Infants Under One Year of Age Abstract   PDF
S Milner, SE Levin, PE Marchand, DN Fuller
Vol 48, No 3 (1974) Coarctation of the aorta in infants under one year of age Abstract   PDF
S. Milner, S.E. Levin, P.E. Marchand, D.N. Fuller
Vol 34, No 7 (1960) Coarctation of the aorta in one of identical twins Abstract   PDF
CD Driver
A Singer
Vol 105, No 9 (2015) Codeine misuse and dependence in South Africa – learning from substance abuse treatment admissions Abstract   PDF
S Dada, N Harker Burnhams, MC van Hout, CDH Parry
Vol 107, No 5 (2017) Codeine misuse and dependence in South Africa: Perspectives of addiction treatment providers Abstract   PDF
C.D.H. Parry, E Rich, M.C. van Hout, P Deluca
Vol 34, No 12 (1960) Coenzymes I and II in the human epidermis Abstract   PDF
G.H. Findley
Vol 84, No 9 (1994) Coexistent duodenal ulcer among patients with gastric carcinoma Abstract   PDF
F.Y. Chang, O Lee, S.D. Lee
Vol 30, No 7 (1956) Co-existing intra-uterine and extra-uterine pregnancies Abstract   PDF
H. Judelman
Vol 87, No 1 (1997) Cognitive and behavioural effects of a school breakfast Abstract   PDF
Linda M. Richter, Cynthia Rose, R. Dev Griesel
Vol 108, No 5 (2018) Co-infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae and Listeria monocytogenes in an immunocompromised patient Abstract   PDF
C.J. Opperman, C Bamford
Vol 38, No 10 (1964) Cojoined twins: A review with a report of a case Abstract   PDF
S Cywes, C.E. Bloch
Vol 31, No 10 (1957) Cold Haemagglutination in primary atypical pneumonia Abstract   PDF
B.G. Grobbelaar
Vol 47, No 9 (1973) Colleagues or opponents? Abstract   PDF
Editorial Editorial
Vol 32, No 1 (1958) Colloidal radiogold in malignant effusions and early ovarian carcinoma Abstract   PDF
T. Fichardt, E.L. Jacobs, D.J. Savage
Vol 32, No 6 (1958) Colonic perforations in amoebiasis Abstract   PDF
E.M. Barker
Vol 79, No 3 (1991) Colonoscopic features of early intestinal tuberculosis - Report of 11 cases Abstract   PDF
K.E. Pettengell, D Pirie, A.E. Simjee
Vol 99, No 2 (2009): Colorectal cancer in South Africa: A heritable cause suspected in many young black patients Abstract   PDF
L Cronje, A Paterson, P Becker
Vol 108, No 2 (2018) Colorectal cancer in South Africa: An assessment of disease presentation, treatment pathways and 5-year survival Abstract   PDF
M Brand, P Gaylard, J Ramos
Vol 91, No 8 (2001) Colorectal carcinoma-a New threat to black patients? A retrospective analysis of colorectal carcinoma received by the Institute for Pathology,University of Pretoria Abstract   PDF
N Angelo, L Dreyer
Vol 45, No 6 (1971) Colour learning in retarded children Abstract   PDF
E Karseboom, ADS Levin
Vol 45, No 2 (1971) Colour learning in retarded children Abstract   PDF
E Karseboom
Vol 89, No 6 (1999) Colour-flow ultrasound in the detection of penetrating vascular injuries of the neck Abstract   PDF
Peter Corr, ATO Abdool Carrim, John Robbs
Vol 40, No 12 (1966) Coma in burns - The cause traced to dressings Abstract   PDF
D.S.C. Procter
Vol 43, No 2 (1969) Combinations of antimicrobial drugs Abstract   PDF
Editorial Editorial
Vol 43, No 2 (1969) Combinations of antimicrobial drugs Abstract   PDF
Editorial Editorial
Vol 85, No 2 (1995) Combined assessment (aspiration cytology and mammography) of clinically suspicious breast masses Abstract   PDF
W.F. van Wyk, D Dent, E Anne Hacking, Genevieve Learmonth, R.E. Kottler, C Anne Gudgeon, A Tiltman
Vol 33, No 5 (1959) Combined enteric infection Abstract   PDF
Kenneth C. Watson
PAD Winter, JH Mason, E Kuhr, AW Schaafsma, M Robinson, LR Saayman, RG Spence
Vol 36, No 9 (1962) Combined oral therapy in diabetes Abstract   PDF
W.P.U. Jackson
Vol 103, No 12 (2013) Combined paediatric liver-kidney transplantation: Analysis of our experience and literature review Abstract   PDF
B Strobele, J Loveland, R Britz, E Gottlich, A Welthagen, J Botha
Vol 45, No 12 (1971) Commentary on the Report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Abuse of Drugs Abstract   PDF
LF Freed
Vol 35, No 4 (1961) Comments on sewage contamination of coastal bathing waters Abstract   PDF
O.J. Coetzee
Vol 107, No 9 (2017) Commercial herbal medicines used as African traditional medicines: Ngoma Herbal Tonic Immune Booster interferes with a rapid urine drug screening test Abstract   PDF
M.E. Mothibe, E Osuch, C.P. Kahler-Venter
Vol 47, No 12 (1973) Communicating the Concept of Nutritional Disease in a Rural Area Abstract   PDF
G.S. Fehrsen
Vol 48, No 5 (1974) Communication between paranasal sinuses and meninges after trauma Abstract   PDF
N.L. Hurst
Vol 47, No 5 (1973) Communication between Paranasal Sinuses and Meninges after Trauma Abstract   PDF
NL Hurst
Vol 79, No 1 (1991) Community health survey of Oukasie, 1987 Abstract   PDF
P.M Barron, P. De L. G. M. Ferrinho, E. Buch, J.S.S. Gear, A. Morris, F.M. Orkin, S Becker, A. Jeffrey
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