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Vol 85, No 3 (1995) Confidentiality concerning HIV/AIDS status - the implications of the Appeal Court decision Abstract   PDF
J.T. Dancaster, L.A. Dancaster
Vol 102, No 7 (2012) Confirmation of the recurrent ACVR1 617G>A mutation in South Africans with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva Abstract   PDF
Collet Dandara, Chris Scott, Mike Urban, Karen Fieggen, Regan Arendse, Peter Beighton
Vol 86, No 5 (1996) Confirmation of the safety of central venous catheterisation in critically ill infants and children the Baragwanath experience Abstract   PDF
David K. Luyt, L. Ruda Mathivha, Menachem Litmanovitch, Melanie D. Dance, Jacqui M. Brown
Vol 88, No 8 (1998) Confronting AIDS - A plea for a national dried milk Formula Abstract   PDF
D L Woods
Vol 37, No 2 (1963) Congenital absence of skin (aplasia cutis congenita). A case report Abstract   PDF
J.A. Engelbrecht
Vol 30, No 12 (1956) Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Abstract   PDF
B. Zilberg
Vol 108, No 2 (2018) Congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Y Ganie, C Aldous, Y Balakrishna, R Wiersma
Vol 35, No 11 (1961) Congenital agammaglobulinaemia Abstract   PDF
W.S. Winship
Vol 85, No 1 (1995) Congenital anomalies in black South African liveborn neonates at an urban academic hospital Abstract   PDF
S. D. Delport, A. L. Christianson, H. J. S. van den Berg, L. Wolmarans, G. S. Gericke
Vol 85, No 1 (1995) Congenital anomalies in rural black South African neonates - a silent epidemic? Abstract   PDF
P. A. Venter, A. L. Christianson, C. M. Hutamo, M. P. Makhura, G. S. Gericke
Vol 35, No 10 (1961) Congenital aortic stenosis: a review illustrated by 18 cases treated by open-heart surgery Abstract   PDF
D. Adler, D. Fuller
Vol 31, No 10 (1957) Congenital bilateral total external ophthalmoplegia coincident with other developmental abnormalities Abstract   PDF
H.C. Seftel, L.H. Klugman
Vol 68, No 15 (1983) Congenital broncho-oesophageal fistula Abstract   PDF
N. Nicolaou, A.A. Conlan
A Lee McGregor
Vol 47, No 12 (1973) Congenital Dislocation of the Hip in Black Patients Abstract   PDF
H.F. Pompe van Meerdervoort
Vol 108, No 8 (2018) Congenital disorders in South Africa: A review of Child Healthcare Problem Identification Programme (Child PIP) mortality data, 2005 - 2017 Abstract   PDF
M Patrick, H Malherbe, C Stephen, D Woods, C Aldous
Vol 93, No 1 (2003) Congenital eunuchism and favorinus Abstract   PDF
F P Retief, J F G Cilliers
Vol 37, No 9 (1963) Congenital goitre Abstract   PDF
J.H. Louw
Vol 43, No 5 (1969) Congenital heart disease in the bantu: an autopsy analysis of 123 cases Abstract   PDF
Ronald L. van der Horst, J. Wainwright
Vol 43, No 3 (1969) Congenital hepatic fibrosis: A case report and family study Abstract   PDF
L.B. Kahn, S.J. Saunders, R. Hickman
Vol 43, No 5 (1969) Congenital hepatic fibrosis: A case report and family study Abstract   PDF
L.B. Kahn, S.J. Saunders, R. Hickman
Vol 32, No 11 (1958) Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in the African Abstract   PDF
Joan Scragg
JGA Davel, RE Cronje
Vol 96, No 6 (2006): Congenital lung mass in an asymptomatic patient Abstract   PDF
Heather Zar, Bruce McIvor, Gisella Furlan, Leon Jedeikin, Richard Pitcher
Vol 31, No 10 (1957) Congenital lymphoblastic leukemia in an African male Abstract   PDF
G.R. McLeish, H.F. Theron
Vol 43, No 10 (1969) Congenital pits of the lower lip with cleft and palate Abstract   PDF
Hymie Gordon, David Davies, Shirley Friedberg
Vol 83, No 10 (1993) Congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia - treatment with free valcusarised fibular grafts Abstract   PDF
C.S.. F. Smit, B. J. v. R. Zeeman, W. J. Wade
Vol 37, No 9 (1963) Congenital pulmonary stenosis in identical twins Abstract   PDF
W.A. Pocock, J.B. Barlow, G Glennar
Vol 76, No 8 (1989) Congenital syphilis - who is at risk? Abstract   PDF
A Venter, JM Pettifor, Filomena DA LMPP Exposta, Muriel Sefuba
Vol 83, No 10 (1993) Congenital syphilis as a notifiable disease Abstract   PDF
D.E. Ballot, AD Rothberg
Vol 85, No 11 (1995) Congenital syphilis associated with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the neonate - a clinicopathological case study Abstract   PDF
Johan Smith, Johann W. Schneider
Vol 32, No 9 (1958) Congenital tracheo-oesophageal fistula Abstract   PDF
David Adler
Vol 96, No 12 (2006): Conscious sedation v. monitored anaesthesia care - 20 years in the South African context Abstract   PDF
T Stefanutto, T Ruttmann
Vol 38, No 10 (1964) considerations in the prosthetic construction of a completely anatomica whole mitral valve from autogenous tissues Abstract   PDF
J.C. Van der Spuy
Vol 38, No 10 (1964) Considerations in the prosthetic construction of the oartic valve Abstract   PDF
J.C. Van der Spuy
Vol 33, No 10 (1959) Considerations on the aetiology of urinary calculi Abstract   PDF
Cyril Wiggishoff
Vol 47, No 6 (1973) Considerations on the Sulphonamides with a Use of Sulphones and Pyrimidine Derivative Abstract   PDF
A Botelho
Vol 48, No 6 (1974) Considerations on the sulphonamides with a use of sulphones and pyrimidine derivative Abstract   PDF
A. Botelho
Vol 30, No 2 (1956) Constipation Abstract   PDF
R Schaffer
Vol 88, No 7 (1998) Constipation in elderly patients attending a polyclinic Abstract   PDF
P J Meiring, G Joubert
Vol 84, No 12 (1994) Constipation, purgatives or the knife? Abstract   PDF
Cara Jeppe
Vol 29, No 5 (1955) Constitution of the National General Practitioners' Group Abstract   PDF
Claudia Naidu
Vol 31, No 8 (1957) Constitutional hepatic dysfunction Abstract   PDF
DM Krikler
Vol 31, No 9 (1957) Constriction-ring dystocia Abstract   PDF
JT Louw
Vol 36, No 9 (1962) Constrictive Perisalpingitis Abstract   PDF
Louis Resnick
Vol 30, No 3 (1956) Consultant and specialist register Abstract   PDF
James Black
Vol 30, No 5 (1956) Consultant and specialist register Abstract   PDF
G.P. Rural
Vol 43, No 8 (1969) Consumptive coagulopathy caused by a boomslang bite Abstract   PDF
J.B. Lakier
Vol 78, No 8 (1990) Containing costs in public sector hospitals - a strategy for the future. Lessons from a large teaching hospital Abstract   PDF
J.D.L. Kane-Berman, S.P. Taylor
Vol 78, No 8 (1990) Containing medicines costs in the private sector - the example of a medical benefit scheme Abstract   PDF
G Hukins, D Boyce
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