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Early performance of <I>Casuarina junghuhniana</I> provenances / land races at Lushoto, Tanzania: scientific paper

ST Mwihomeke
AG Mugasha
SAO Chamshama
MA Mgangamundo
OC Kumburu
Z Lupala


A trial involving 21 provenances form Indonesia and 7 ";local"; seed sources of Casuarina junghuhniana was established at Lushoto, Tanzania in March 1997. At 22 and 48 months of age, the following characteristics were assessed: survival, root collar diameter (RCD), breast height diameter (DBH) and height. The following were only assessed at 48 months of age: stem volume, biomass production and foliar nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) nutrient concentration and content. At all assessment occasions except for height (22 months of age), N and P concentration and P content (48 months of age), significant provenance/land race variation was observed for the rest of the characteristics studied. At 48 months of age, the four best performing seed sources were: Mt. Bromo, East Java; Mt. Pohen, Bali; KARI, Muguga, Kenya and Mt. Brumo, East Java while the four worst performing ones were: Kapan, Kumpang, Timor; 25 km S.W.Soe, Timor; Noelmina River, Timor and Buat, Soe, Timor. Although these results are based on early performance of the seed sources, the promising seed sources are recommended for pilot planting at Lushoto and similar sites. Further evaluation is however, necessary to confirm the best provenances/land races.

Southern African Forestry Journal No.194 2002: 7-14