Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science

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Realising the benefit of research in eucalypt plantation management

AR Morris


The development of a plantation eucalypt wood-based forest products industry in South Africa is outlined. Forest research that has contributed to increasing wood production from the ultimately finite land resource available for industrial plantations is reviewed. The application of this technology to eucalypt plantations by Sappi Forests is described and evidence for resultant increased wood production is presented. Improved silviculture, introduction of alternative species and deployment of genetically superior planting stock coupled to site classification and site-specific application of these technologies have all contributed to measured gains. The continued development and application of appropriate forest technology will be critical to a sustainable future for the industry in South Africa. Issues pertaining to this are discussed.

Keywords: eucalypt plantations; technology transfer; yield improvement

Southern Forests 2008, 70(2): 119–129

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