Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science

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Growth models for Pinus patula in Angola

C Delgado-Matas, T Pukkala


This study developed growth models for Pinus patula Schiede ex Schltdl. et  Cham. for the Central Highlands of Angola for simulating the development of stand characteristics. The model set included dominant height, individual-tree diameter increment, individual-tree height and self-thinning models. The study was based on 7 656 radial increment observations obtained from increment cores from eight plots located in five sites in the Angolan Highlands. The model set enables the simulation of stand development on an individual tree basis. Despite the fact that site variation among the plots was small, a traditional site category index based on slope catena correlated logically with the observed diameter growth rate of the plots. The developed models showed a high level of accuracy when the simulated stand development was compared to observed development. The shape of the dominant height model is similar to earlier models developed in southern Africa.

Keywords: growth and yield, individual-tree model, mixed model, Pinus patula, simulation

Southern Forests 2010, 72(3/4): 153–161

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