Biomass harvesting in Eucalyptus plantations in Western Australia

  • MR Ghaffariyan
  • M Brown
  • M Acuna
  • J Sessions
  • M Kuehmaier
  • J Wiedemann


Australia is at an early stage of exploring the use of forest biomass to generate energy. This study evaluated the biomass yield and the productivity rates of equipment for harvesting biomass in a poor-quality eucalypt plantation. The operation consisted of a tracked feller-buncher, grapple skidder and mobile chipper. Time study methods were used to measure the harvesting operation. A multiple regression model was constructed to predict skidding productivity. Biomass production was 63.9 t ha-1 based on the recorded load weight of eight trucks. Delays were documented and analysed. The average delay for all equipment was about 30% of working time. The study results will help guide biomass harvesting managers to estimate productivity and cost of similar operation sites.

Keywords: biomass, chipper, eucalypt plantation, feller-buncher, productivity, skidder

Southern Forests 2011, 73(3&4): 149–154

Author Biographies

MR Ghaffariyan
CRC for Forestry, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Private Bag 12, TAS 7001, Australia
M Brown
CRC for Forestry, University of Melbourne, 1 Water Street, Creswick, VIC 3363, Australia
M Acuna
CRC for Forestry, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Private Bag 12, TAS 7001, Australia
J Sessions
Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR97331-5704, USA
M Kuehmaier
Institute of Forest Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Peter Jordan Straße 82/3, A-1190, Vienna, Austria
J Wiedemann
CRC for Forestry, WAPRES, PO Box 444, Manjimup, WA 6258, Australia

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eISSN: 2070-2639
print ISSN: 2070-2620