Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science

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Development of site index curves for Pinus kesiya in the Philippines

RIC Lumbres, YJ Lee, YO Seo, FG Calora JR


This study was conducted to develop a height–age growth model and site index curves for site quality evaluation of old secondary-growth stands of Pinus kesiya in the northern Philippines. The Chapman-Richards growth function was used in the guide curve method to generate anamorphic site index curves for this species. In order to evaluate the developed model, coefficient of determination (R2), root mean square error (RMSE), bias (E) , absolute mean  difference (AMD) and mean percent bias (MPB) were used as statistical criteria. The Chapman-Richards model explained about 96.84% of the total variation of the dominant height. The value of Ewas − 0.004 m, AMD was 2.566 m, MPB was 3.88% and RMSE was 3.331. The site index curves developed as a result of this study are significant for forest managers in predicting the growth patterns and classification of site productivities for Pinus kesiya stands.

Keywords: Chapman-Richards function, dominant height, height–age growth model, site quality

Southern Forests 2012, 74(2): 115–120

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