An alternative strategy for forecasting volcanism in Ethiopia: lessons from precursory phenomena to 2005 eruptions in Afar

  • Dereje Ayalew Addis Ababa University
Keywords: Ethiopia; Forecast; Precursor; Volcanic eruption


A substantial part of Ethiopia's surface is covered by volcanic rocks ranging in age from 30 Ma to the present day though a significant volume of volcanic rocks as old as 45 Ma are also found in southern part of the country. These volcanic rocks have yielded fertile soils, which are the richest farmlands in Ethiopia. The volcanic terrains provide magnificent landscapes, which are a natural sanctuary of the country. Ethiopia is a country prone to volcanic eruptions. Yet the actual eruptive processes are catastrophic and can claim life and property. This paper documents the activity that preceded the 2005 eruptions in Afar and discusses them as potential volcanic forecast tools that can serve to raise public awareness of the volcanism.

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Dereje Ayalew, Addis Ababa University

School of Earth Sciences, Addis Ababa University

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eISSN: 2520-7997
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