Information-Seeking Behaviour of Extension Workers and Specialists in Nigerian Rural Communities with Special Reference to Job Satisfaction

  • MA Kamba


The paper examined the information-seeking behaviour of extension workers and specialist in the context of their use and non-use of job-related information in Nigeria, and also in relation to their job  satisfaction. The objectives of the study are to identify the types of information sources, resources and communication channels used by extension workers and specialists in discharging their responsibilities. The paper also identifies the factors that inhibit their behaviour towards information seeking and use with special reference to their job satisfaction.
Survey research method was used for the study. A questionnaire was  distributed to 38 public extension specialists across Nigeria, and 190 public extension workers. The findings of the study show that the main motivation for seeking job-related information by both public extension works and specialists was interest in developing their own job-related information. The findings also show that the most used information sources by extension workers and specialists were books, magazines and technical reports and both groups used non-Nigerian scientific magazines least frequently. The paper concludes that in both groups, there was a significant positive correlation between individuals' information seeking motivation and the extent to which they used information sources and communication channels. It is hoped that the paper will help in understanding the information seeking behaviour of extension workers and specialist in relation to their job satisfaction, it will also help libraries to be more cost
effective by providing services that would satisfy the needs of the  extension workers and specialist leading to more job satisfaction. The paper would also enhance the role of rural libraries in providing information services to the rural communities this will lead to the development of rural communities and Nigeria at large. Finally, it will contribute to the existing knowledge, open new doors for further researches and serve as spring board for further researches in information seeking behaviour in Nigeria and world at large.

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eISSN: 1596-5414