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Information use pattern of school teachers in rural areas of Nigeria: A mixed method approach

Manir Abdullahi Kamba


This paper has investigated the information use of pattern of school teachers in rural areas of Nigeria. The objectives of the study were to identify the type of information sources and resources that school teachers used for their teaching and learning. Mixed research methodology was used; questionnaire, interview and observation were the only instrument used for the study. The population of the study comprises all the school teachers in public primary schools of Nigeria. The findings of the study showed that majority of the school teachers used different types of information sources and resources. School teachers in this study had used the information found for reference purposes. They photocopy the area of interest, jot down the main points, read the article directly and print a copy. The findings also showed that there was over dependence on headmaster/school authorities, library and information centres and printed source/resources category. Books were the most popular resources needed and consulted by the school teachers in this study. Barriers to information were identified and the following were the recommendations made. The management should create more awareness on the use of library and information resources to both the school teachers and students. That the management should also provide more current information resources which are relevant to the needs of school teachers in rural areas of Nigeria; That the management should strengthen the use of the existing materials and resources available in school libraries by educating the school teachers to other available information sources and resources that they were unaware with, and could be very important to them.

Keywords: information, school teachers, rural areas, Nigeria.

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