Overview of the Global Trend in Private Medical Practice

  • JK Afolabi
Keywords: Global, private, medical practice


Free health care delivery is expensive world wide. In addition, there are many challenges facing the public health institutions with regards to health care financing and management. More over, many governments face various constraints that force them to prioritize and restrict government spending. This make it impossible for any government to provide free health care for her ever increasing population. Private medical practice is an alternative to complement government efforts in providing health care to reach a greater population. This has evolved from the rudimentary solo practice with its numerous disadvantages to more advance and superior group medical practices. The group medical practice in the developed world has transformed into huge public and private partnerships, developing into large corporation. This has transformed the economy of these countries. In contrast to this, developing countries have a long way to go. Solo practice is slowly revolving with its attendant risk for extinction. However, as more qualified specialists are produced and with increasing awareness and requirement for quality care, specialists will come together in groups to start decent and quality practice. The government of these countries can set up regulatory bodies to monitorand enforce discipline in the private sector. Key words: Global; private; medical practice

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print ISSN: 2276-6839