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Global Trend In The Qualifications Of Medical Educators

BA Issa, OT Adedoyin


Fellowship degree of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria (NPMCN) or its equivalents is the highest educational and professional qualification of clinical Medical Educators
in Nigeria while PhD is the acceptable highest qualification for their basic medical sciences counterparts. This had been the status ante until year 2012 when the National Universities
Commission of Nigeria (NUC) issued a letter directing all university teachers, including clinicians to acquire a PhD or MD degree as non-possession would deny them promotion to a professor status and would debar them from aspiring to the position of Vice-Chancellor of their Universities. This paper highlights the history, current status and the way forward in solving the Fellowship versus PhD/MD conundrum by studying the laws that set up the NPMC, as the highest academic and
professional training institution for clinical teachers, as well as the guidelines (Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard, BMAS) set by the NUC. Solutions are offered towards solving this
conundrum for better medical education in an environment devoid of academic superiority wrangling in Nigeria.

Key words: Medical Educator, Qualifications, Nigeria, Global

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