Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Electronic Education Among Teaching Staff and Students in Governmental Medical Faculties - Khartoum State

  • FK Alkanzi
  • AA Abd-algader
  • ZA Ibrahim
  • AO Krar
  • MA Osman
  • NM Karksawi


Background: Electronic education (E-education) is used worldwide as a basic tool for medical education for its advanced improving in medical training. In spite of its wide use in the system of the medical faculties in Sudan, e-education has not taken its right place yet.
Objectives: To explore knowledge, attitude and practice (K.A.P) in  electronic education among teaching staff and students in governmental medical faculties in Khartoum state 2013.
Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive, cross-sectional, and institution-based study. A sample of 31 teachers and 345 students were chosen using stratified random sample. Structured pretested questionnaire was used for data collection. Data collected were fed to Statistical Package
for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.

Results: Knowledge about e-education was excellent (91.3%), attitude was highly positive (83.9%) and practice was good among73.1%of the teachers. And among students knowledge about elearning was excellent (96.8%), attitude was positive in 70.4% and practice was average among
52.2% of them.
Conclusion: The research shows a good K.A.P among the majority of the students and teachers in Governmental Khartoum State medical faculties especially among teachers. The K.A.P. increases with age among teachers and increases in the clinical level among students. The faculties which take care of e-education and made workshops show higher K.A.P. compared with other faculties. The faculties should take attention to e-education and introduce it in the most ideal way, and more researches should be  conducted in this field.
Key words: E-education, teaching staff and students, Khartoum state Governmental medical faculties.


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eISSN: 1858-5051