Use of DENLASE Diode Laser (980 nm/7 W) in Labial Frenectomy for a child of 11 years old

  • SAM Negm


Labial frenum is the fold of mucosa that attaches specific area of inner  surface of upper lip to the specific area of alveolar mucosa. The adverse effects of a low-attaching frenum are: midline diastema, poor aesthetics and gingival recession. It can be treated either by conventional surgery (by scalpel, scissors and other surgical instruments) or, recently, by use of  laser technology. 11 years old Egyptian child complained of a midline diastema due to low attachment of upper labial frenum. Diode laser (980 nm) was used for frenectomy, pain during and postoperatively, bleeding and swelling were assessed. The actual procedure takes 4-6 minutes, no pain during and after operation, also no bleeding. The child felt soreness at the operation site for 3 days and uneventful healing with new tissues is evident within 12 days.

Key words:Labial frenum, laser frenectomy, diode lasers.


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eISSN: 1858-5051