Isolation and Identification of Bacterial Species from the Human Gallbladders Bile of Sudanese Patients

  • Khalid S Abd-Ulgadir
  • Ahmed M Hussein
  • Mohamed A M Ibnouf
Keywords: Gallbladder Bile, Bacterial isolates, Bile specimens, Cholecystectomy, Bacterial cholecystitis, Acalculus gallbladders


Background: Gallbladder infections are one of the most important problems that affect Sudanese patients.

Objectives: To isolate bacterial species from infected human gallbladder's bile in Sudanese patients admitted for cholecystectomy due to calcoulus or acalcoulus cholecystitis.

Materials and Methods: A total of 100 bile specimens from 100 patients (88 females and 12 males), were examined in this study. Bile specimens were collected from three different operating theatres including IbnSena Hospital, Sudan Private Clinic and Omdurman Teaching Hospital.

Results: Six bacterial species were recognized in bile specimens, four of them are gramnegative and two are gram- positive species. In the present study, bacteria were isolated from 40 specimens out of the 100 bile specimens cultured with an overall incidence of 40%. It was noted that all positive bacterial bile cultures correlated with the presence of gallstones except three Salmonellae which were isolated from bile of acalculus gallbladders. The most prevalent bacteria isolated were E.coli which was isolated from 24 specimens out of the 100 bile specimens. On the other hand, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas spp. were less frequently isolated from bile specimens showing frequencies of 4 (4%) for each.

Conclusion: The finding of this study indicated that Escherichia coli were the most prevalent bacteria which isolated from human bile. As well as, the study revealed that certain bacterial species such as Salmonellae possess characters which allow them to cause cholecystitis without need to gallstones formation.

Key words: Gallbladder Bile, Bacterial isolates, Bile specimens, Cholecystectomy; Bacterial cholecystitis, Acalculus gallbladders.


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eISSN: 1858-5051