Anti-inflammatory effect of semisolid dosage forms containing capsaicin

  • A Boiko Yu
  • I.A. Kravchenko
  • Ayat Mohammad
  • A.A. Shandra
Keywords: capsaicin, ibuprophen, Freund’s adjuvant, inflammation


Background: Capsaicin is alkaloid found primarily in the fruit of the Capsicum genus. Capsaicin and its analogues have been used in topical creams and patches to treat chronic pain and inflammation.

Objectives: The paper deals with topical application of creams containing capsaicin to treat Freund’s adjuvant-induced inflammation.

Materials and Methods: Anti-inflammatory activity was studied on the model adjuvantinduced inflammation with Freund's complete adjuvant. The study covered morphological changes in the inflamed area, the total number of white blood cells was studied by microscopic method in Gorjaev's chamber. The biochemical parameters of blood - cholinesterase activity and total number of alpha-1-acid glycoprotein in blood plasma were determined by the commercial test kits for rapid analysis

Results: It was shown that the cream containing Capsicum annuum L. extract proved to be more efficient for treatment of adjuvant-induced inflammation than the commercial drug Dolgit Cream. Application of therapeutic cream with Capsicum annuum L. extract reduced activity of plasma acetylcholinesterase and total WBC count on the 15 day of treatment to initial values.

Conclusion: The cream containing Capsicum annuum L. extract significantly inhibited inflammatory swelling, reduced WBC count and activity of plasma acetylcholinesterase.

Keywords: capsaicin, ibuprophen, Freund’s adjuvant, inflammation


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eISSN: 1858-5051