Epilepsy among elderly Sudanese patients

  • A Hussein
  • A Sidig
  • A Babikir
  • F Yassien
  • A Hamad
  • O el-Adil
  • A Saad
  • M Aldar
  • M Gadour


Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical presentation and characteristics of elderly Sudanese patients with epilepsy. Methodology: This is a prospective study (from Feb. 2005 to Jun 2008). The study population included 240 elderly epileptic patients (age 60 years or above). Results: Cerebrovascular accident was found to be the most common cause of secondary epilepsy (31%).Generalize epilepsy was seen in 120 (50%) of patients. Abnormal neurological findings were more common (49%) among patients with partial epilepsy. Fifty percent of our patients showed abnormal EEG. Abnormal CT brain findings were common among patients with partial epilepsy. Conclusion: The pattern of clinical presentation of epilepsy among elderly Sudanese epileptic patients is similar to what was mentioned in the literature except that the percentage of epilepsy following infections was more among our studied group (6%

Keywords: Cerebrovascular, EEG, seizure.


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eISSN: 1858-5051