The Effect of Intake of Mansonia altissima on the Haematology, Hormone Profile, and Serum Enzymes of Isa Brown Breeders

  • K O Ogbamgba
  • S N Wekhe


An experiment was carried out in Port Harcourt to demonstrate the effect of dietary inclusion of Mansonia altissima on the hematology, hormone profile, and serum enzymes of laying hens and cocks, using a total of 60 birds consisting of 48 layers and 12 cocks in randomized treatment groups A, B, C, D each containing 5 birds of both sexes (4 females and 1 male). Birds in group A were used as control, while those in treatment B, C, D, were fed M. altissima at the rate of 30 g, 40 g, and 50 g per kilogram feed daily, respectively, for eight weeks. Results showed that M. altissima caused an increase in hemoglobin level, an increase in estrogen level but a decrease in testosterone level and an increase in serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT) level in the treatment groups. It was therefore concluded that M. altissima can be used to increase weight gain and egg production but since it is seen to have a hepatotoxic effect at higher doses, its prolonged inclusion should be discouraged.

Keywords:Hemoglobin, estrogen, testosterone, hepatotoxic, SGOT, hens, cocks

Sahel Journal of Veterinary Sciences Vol. 5 (1) 2006 pp. 29-33

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print ISSN: 1117-6210