Palatal Impalement Injury With Retained Foreign Body in a Child: Case Report and Literature Review

  • R Agbara
  • B. Fomete
  • E Ikekhuamen
  • B Amalimeh
  • U Okeke
Keywords: child, impalement, palate, local anaesthesia


Impalement injuries are uncommon in the head and neck region, and when associated with the retained foreign body present a challenge to the clinician with regards to management. This type of injury may occasionally be associated with life-threatening complications or permanent disability. Therefore, clinicians involved in the management of head and neck trauma need to be constantly reminded of this uncommon type of injury and the different treatment options.
This is a case report of impalement injury to the palate of a child by a hair weaving instrument. Clinical and plain radiographic examination was sufficient for foreign body localization. The foreign body was successfully extricated under local anaesthesia and conscious sedation using a simple conservative technique with no complications.


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eISSN: 2076-6270
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