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The Effects of a Six-Week Aerobic Dance Programme on Selected Fitness Components and Waist-Hip-Ratio in Adult Males

RO Okuneye, JO Adeogun, I Ismail


This study examined the effects of a six-week low-impact aerobic dance on selected fitness components (trunk flexibility, leg power and abdominal muscle endurance) and waist-hip-ratio (WHR) in adult males. A total of fifteen (15) Lagos State University male undergraduates (age range: 19-28 years) from the Faculty of Education volunteered to take part in the study. The one-group pre-test - post-text quasi-experimental research design was employed. Both pre-test and post-test measurements were taken from each participant under the same conditions. Participants were all exposed to a low-impact aerobic dance for a duration of six weeks. While the descriptive statistics of mean, range and standard deviation were used to describe the data; inferences were drawn using the Students‟ paired T-test. Results revealed that a six-week low - impact aerobic dance programme can significantly reduce the waist-hip-ratios, improve trunk flexibility, leg power and abdominal endurance/strength in male undergraduate students.

Keywords: Hypokinetic diseases, Low-impact aerobic dance, Sedentariness, Waist-hip-ratio
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