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Histopathological Study of 66 Germ Cell Tumours Seen in Maiduguri, North Eastern, Nigeria



A retrospective study of 66 histologically diagnosed teratomas in the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, in North Eastern part of Nigeria from January 1990 to December 2001 was carried out to analyze the age, gender, anatomical site and the hitological types. The tumours represented 2.1% of all tumours diagnosed within the study period. There were 45(68.2%) adults; 21(31.8%) children whose age range is between 5 weeks and 55 years. There was a broad peak age from 2nd to 4th decaes accounting for 69.7% of all cases. There was a marked female predominance with a M:F ratio of 1:15.5.

Fifty-eight (87.9%) cases were benign while 8(12.1%) cases were malignant. However, the ovary was the commonest organ involved while the testis was very rare. Four (6.1%) cases of the ovarian tumours occurred bilaterally. Five of the cases with benign cystic teratoma also had multiple uterine nodules (leiomyomata) of the uterus. The age range of these patients was between 28 and 46 years. About 10% of the teratomas had tissues derived from all the three germ layers.

In conclusion, teratomas are not uncommon in our environment. The malignant nature of the disease cannot be over emphasized and therefore early diagnosis with prompt medical treatment will improve the prognosis.

KEY WORDS:Teratoma: Gonadal; Extragonadal; Benign cystic teratoma; Leiomyoma, Germ layers.

Sahel Med. J. Vol.6(1) 2003: 10-13
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