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The Megascrotum Syndrome: The Sokoto Experience

M Ntia, M Moin


Giant scrotal swellings still occur in the rural areas of developing countries like ours. The normal scrotum is about ½ -¾ the size of the clenched fist and hangs 6 to 8cm blow the pubic arch.

36 patients with large scrotal swellings were electively treated by scrotal reduction and reconstruction over a 5-year period. 15 scrotal swellings attained giant size. 16 were hydroceles, 15 hernias and 5 scrotal lymphoedema. Associated pathology included bilharziasis, filariasis, tuberculosis and non-specific chronic infections. The aim of the surgery was to reduce the scrotum to the size of the clenched fist enclosing at least one viable testis. There were 9 cases of significant wound infection. All the patients were satisfied with the results and there was no death. The megascrotum causes compression atrophy of the testis and raises testicular temperature above normal. It is associated with testicular dysfunction, testicular atrophy, oligospermia and infertility.

In addition to vigorous treatment of any associated pathology, surgery should aim at reducing the megascrotum to normal size

Sahel Med. J. Vol.5(4) 2002: 172-177
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