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Total Glycated Serum Protein Levels in Hyperbilirubinaemic and Normobilirubinaemic Non Diabetic Nigerians

HP Anaja,, SA Usman, HS Isah


Serum glycated protein concentrations as fructosamine were estimated in 30 non- diabetic patients with hyperbilirubinaemia and 20 controls using the colorimetric nitroblue tetrazolium reduction technique. This was aimed at assessing the effect of hyperbilirubinaemia on serum total glycated protein concentrations (fructosamine levels) in Nigerians. The mean serum fructosamine concentration was significantly higher (p<0.05) in the hyperbilirubinaemic patients than in the control subjects. Mean glucose and albumin concentrations in the controls were similar to those of the hyperbilirubinaemic patients (p>0.05). Conjugated bilirubin correlated significantly with serum fructosamine levels (r = 0.37; p<0.05) in the hyperbilirubinaemic patients. There was no significant correlation between fructosamine and total bilirubin or unconjugated bilirubin (p>0.05).

These observations show that hyperbilirubinaemia, especially conjugated bilirubin fraction positively affects the concentrations of fructosamine at level probably greater than 100 umol/L. A correction factor is thus suggested.

(Key words: Fructosamine, hyperbilirubinaemia, glycated protein

Sahel Med. J. Vol.6(3) 2003: 83-86
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