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Effects of Storage Conditions on Pharmacokinetics of Paracetamol Table

AU Zezi, I Abdu-Aguye, A Mustapha, NM Danjuma


The effects of storage condition on the pharmacokinetics of paracetamol tablets were studied under several storage conditions. Three storage sites which were considered suboptimal were selected. Freshly purchased 1000-tablets tins of paracetamol were bought and stored in each of these sites for not less than two months and were being dispensed. Prior to storage a few tablets from each tin were selected to serve as control. Kinetic studies were carried out with tablets obtained after two months of storage in these sites.

A colorimetric method was used for plasma concentration determination and data analysed using student t test. p value less than 0.05 was considered significant.

Blood level data obtained from the studies were used to determine the pharmacokinetics of the drug. Plasma concentrations showed no statistical differences from two storage sites (p>0.05). The time taken to attain peak plasma level (t) was not statiscally affected in all the sites (p>0.05), but area under the curve from zero to infinity (AuC-) was statistically affected in two sites (p<0.05). However, there was bioequivalence from all the sites studied as the difference in their relative bioavailability were not more than 25%.

This study has, therefore, shown that the suboptimum storage facilities as defined in the study have not adversely affected the plasma pharmacokinetics of paracetamol.

(KEY WORDS: Sub optimum, Storage, Pharmacokinetics, Paracetamol).

Sahel Medical Journal Vol.6(4) 2003: 116-120
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