CD4+ T-Lymphocytes and HIV-I Patients in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Kaduna, Nigeria

  • RN Eni Immunologist/Venereologist, General Out Patient Department, P.M.B. 2016, Kaduna, Nigeria.
  • POA Ogheochie Chief Laboratory Scientist, Heamatology & Blood Transfusion Department, ABU Teaching Hospital, Shika - Zaria, Nigeria
Keywords: CD 4T-lymphocyte, CD 8T-lymphocyte, HIV-I, Immune destruction gp120 glycoprotein


A novel investigation was undertaken to determine CD4 T-lymphocyte profile of newly diagnosed HIV-I patients in Kaduna centre. There were (80) Eighty patients and (20) twenty controls. The studied HIV-I patients were males (38) and females (42). Female more than males P<0.05 not statistically significant.

The minimum CD+4T-lymphocyte count was 29 lymphocyte while the maximum was 438 CD+4lymphocytes/ul.

The most common CD+4 count among newly diagnosed HIV-I patients ranges from 203-253 CD4T-lymphocyt e/ul. The age range studied were 18 years 58 years. The highest age groups were 29-33 years (20) or 25% the least were 54-58 years (2) 2.5%.

Any Nigerian age 18-58 years with CD+4T-lymphocyte/ul within the range 29-438 has a high index of HIV-I infection suspect. The normal CD+4T-lymphocyte/ul for normal subjects in Kaduna centre ranges from 450-1870 T-lymphocyte/ul

(Key Words - CD+4T-lymphocyte, CD+8T-lymphocyte, HIV-I, Immune destruction gp120 glycoprotein.)

Sahel Medical Journal Vol.6(4) 2003: 127-130

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eISSN: 1118-8561