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Prevalence of Obesity Among Diabetics in Ilorin, Middle Belt of Nigeria

SA Adebisi, EK Oghagbon


In order to determine the prevalence of obesity among patients with diabetes from the Middle Belt region of Nigeria, a cross-sectional study of patients with diabetes attending University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital's diabetic clinic was carried out. Three hundred and fifteen patients were included in the study. The age of the patients ranged from 23 to 80 years. Seventy-one percent of the patients were females and over 80% were above the age of 40years. 69.8%, 27% and 3.2% of the patients ha d diabetes for less than 10years, 10 - 20 years and more than 20years, respectively. Only 17.5% of the patients were treated with insulin.
Overweight (grade I obesity) and obesity (grade II obesity) were present in 71.1% of females and 55.3% of males, respectively. People on dietary management alone had significantly higher p<0.05 body mass index(BMI) value than those on oral hypoglycaemic agents (OHA) and those on insulin; none of the patients among those on insulin had grade II obesity. The mean BMI fell significantly as the duration of treatment increased: 30.40kg/m2 for those under 5years and 17.60kg/m for those over 20years.
In conclusion, obesity is common in patients with diabetes mellitus in the middle belt region of Nigeria. Management procedures for such patients should involve weight reduction strategies.
Sahel Medical Journal Vol.6(4) 2003:112-115

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