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Comprehensive information system development and networking in the tertiary hospital

AO Maruf


Background/Aim: Hospital Information System(HIS) and Networking development is now the most important technology that must be embraced by all hospitals and clinics these days. Patients sometimes used to face problems in order to have quick and good services in the hospitals, often due to delay in searching for the past records or patients' registration information.

Methodology: Data were collected on the current status of computer usage under clinical and admin departments of Usman Dangodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto. Results: It was found that 63.1% were clinical or paramedical with only 31.7% of computers while admin has 31.6% with 43.9% of computer systems. This means there are more clinical departments but with less number of computer systems. The usage in both sections was100% in typing and printing-related jobs rather than over other most important areas such as patient online system, drug inventory, etc, under hospital environment. The only school with computer (5.3%) had 24.4% computers for training only.

Conclusion: Every hospital, whether small or big needs information. Computerisation and networking of Administrative and clinical departments bring about better services, good information system and better decision making due to availability of online information at all times. Comprehensive information system and its network assist the hospital administrators to have better monitoring system of all the departments, easy access to information online, effective coordination and efficient hospital administration. Many other vital areas need special attention in the hospital information system. Furthermore, their networking play special role in making things better under hospital environment.

Keywords: information, system, network, hospital, ICT

Sahel Medical Journal Vol. 8(4) 2005: 95-99
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