Induced Abortion And Risk For Breast Cancer: Observed Relationship In Benin City, Nigeria

  • MI Momoh
  • AN Olu-Eddo
Keywords: Induced abortion, Risk, Breast Cancer


Background: The incidence of breast cancer worldwide is increasing. The established risk factors for breast cancer are being used to counsel and enlighten the public to prevent the disease but the incidence is still on the rise. Aims of Study: To search for new risk factors for breast cancer, specifically to determine the relationship of induced abortions and breast cancer. Patients and Methods: Biodata, risk factors, parity and abortion profile of all 145 female breast cancer patients seen in over a three year period were entered into a data sheet and analyzed by simple proportions and percentages. Results: Breast cancer patients who had procured induced abortion were diagnosed with the disease nearly a decade and half earlier than in breast cancer patients who never had induced abortion. Conclusion: Induced abortion, in the presence of same risk factors for breast cancer, caused the disease to be induced at a much earlier age than in the patients who did not procure abortion. We, therefore, advocate that induced abortion be discouraged. Women who must have an abortion should be counseled on increased risk of breast cancer as part of the informed consent for termination of pregnancy.

Keywords: Induced abortion, Risk, Breast Cancer

Sahel Medical Journal Vol. 11 (4) 2008: pp. 131-133

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eISSN: 1118-8561