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Visual outcome of cataract outreach services in zamfara state, northwestern Nigeria.

A Lawal, M.B Buzu


Background: The Ministry of Health in Zamfara State organised a cataract outreach program with the aim of operating 700 patients in 14 local government areas of the state. The programme is described
and evaluated in this study. Methods: An outreach team comprising of 8 personnels of diverse background screened and operated on patients in Zamfara State. Patients with mature age related cataracts, briskly reacting pupils, accurate four quadrant light projection and normal intraocular pressures were selected for surgery. All patients were planned for extra capsular cataract extraction with posterior chamber intra-ocular lens implantation (ECCE + PC IOL) unless contra indicated. Post operative visual acuity was measured with Snellen’s or Illiterate acuity chart at 2 weeks follow up. Results: A total of 784 patients between the age of 40 and 80 years consisting of 479 males and 307 females were operated. Six hundred and ninety four patients (88%) had PCIOL inserted. Post operative visual acuity of 6/18 or, better was obtained in 322(41%) patients. Conclusion: Cataract outreach is an effective tool of eye care services in the underserved rural areas.
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