Multiple brain abscesses in an infant: a case report

  • A.Z Mathews
  • C.M Manjunatha
  • S.E Ibhanesebhor
  • J Brown
Keywords: Septicaemia, brain abscess, head circumference, seizure.


Brain abscess is rare in infancy and potentially life threatening. This report emphasises the importance of monitoring the head circumference at post neonatal outpatient follow up. An ex-preterm baby who was treated successfully for staphylococcus aureus septicaemia and skin abscess in the neonatal period represented at the age of 13 weeks (corrected gestation 41 weeks) with gradual enlargement of the head size. A diagnosis of multiple staphylococcus aureus brain abscesses was made. She was treated with systemic antibiotics and aspiration of abscess in the frontal lobe, and made satisfactory recovery. At 4 years of age she developed status epilepticus and currently has left sided hemiparesis and focal seizures. Early diagnosis and prompt management of cerebral abscess may avoid the need for surgical intervention. We recommend monitoring of head circumference and determination of the cause of any deviation from normal centiles particularly in infants treated for septicaemia.

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eISSN: 1118-8561