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Histo-pathological features of primary ovarian Tumours managed in a tertiary hospital, Sokoto.

D.C Nnadi, E.I Nwobodo, K.T Tunau, S.A Malami


Background: Ovarian tumours are the 2nd most common female genital tract tumour in Sokoto, northwestern, Nigeria. We determined the histo-pathological features of surgically removed ovarian tumours. Methods: A 12-year retrospective study of all surgically removed ovarian tumours at the Gynaecological department of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital UDUTH) Sokoto, North- Western Nigeria.
Results: The highest incidence of ovarian tumours was within the age range of 20-45 years. Of the 125 cases of surgically removed neoplastic ovarian tumours seen during the study period, 83(66.4 %)
were benign, 40(22.4%) were malignant and 2(1.6%) were of borderline malignancy. Epithelial tumours were the commonest neoplasms 54(43.2%), while germ cell tumours were present in 47(37.6%) cases.
Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma was the commonest malignant ovarian tumour 14(35%) and was closely followed by granulosa cell tumour 10(25%), dysgerminoma 17.5%), serous cystadenocarcinoma
(12.5%), malignant teratoma 2(5%) and endodermal sinus tumour (5%). There were 2 cases of metastatic tumours: one from Burkitts lymphoma, and the other from gestational choriocarcinoma. Conclusion: The high frequency of malignant ovarian tumours in the young age group type in this study underscores the need for histology of all surgically removed tumours irrespective of age.
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