Occupational hazard perception and utilization of protective measures by welders in Kano City, Northern Nigeria

  • Z Iliyasu
  • UM Lawan
Keywords: Occupational hazards, welders, safety


Background: Little is documented on welders’ awareness of health hazards associated with welding in developing countries including Nigeria. This study assessed the perceived occupational hazards and adherence to safety measures among welders in Kano, northwestern Nigeria.
Methods: A structured interview questionnaire was administered on a cross-section of 194 welders in Kano metropolis; and the data was analysed using SPSS 12.0 statistical software.
Results: Overall, 58.8% of the welders were aware of one or more workplace hazards. This was positively influenced by educational attainment, age and work experience. Of the 194 respondents, 86.1% had experienced one or more work-related accidents in the preceding year. Only 34.5% of welders used one or more types of protective device.
Conclusions: The level of awareness of occupational hazards was high with low utilization of protective measures against the hazards. There is therefore need for safety education and legislation for the use of protective measures to safeguard workers health and increase productivity.

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eISSN: 1118-8561