Prolonged whelping in bitches

  • OO Ajala
  • OS Ajani
  • OO Leigh
  • CE Obudu
  • JF Akirinmade
  • MJ Olusoji
  • OA Ekanade
Keywords: Bitch, Dystocia, Oxytocin, Unethical practices, Unusual whelping


Physiological whelping occurs at the end of gestation and involves the expulsion of fetus/pups through the genital tract aided by natural forces. These reports draw the attention of practitioners and breeders to the possibility of some unusual events during whelping and precautions to be taken in its management. They also highlight some unethical practices by breeders that may put in jeopardy processes and outcome of whelping. Two bitches separately presented to a Veterinary Hospital with history of dystocia were investigated. The dystocia was characterized by prolonged inter-whelping interval (more than 72 hours) in the first and unproductive labour in the second. Administration of appropriate doses of oxytocin led to the relief of the dystocia in both cases. The misuse of oxytocin by breeders was probably responsible for alteration in whelping events. The above reports suggest that dystocia should be thoroughly evaluated, an appropriate obstetric management regimen be established, strict enforcement of regulations guiding drug handling by non-professionals should be recommended.

Keywords: Bitch, Dystocia, Oxytocin, Unethical practices, Unusual whelping


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eISSN: 1595-093X
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