Retrospective analysis of Newcastle disease diagnosed at the poultry clinic of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

  • HB Aliyu
  • L Sa'idu
  • PA Abdu
  • SB Oladele
Keywords: Newcastle disease, Poultry, Seasonal distribution, Vaccine, Zaria


Newcastle disease (ND) is a highly contagious viral disease of domestic and wild birds with devastating impact on poultry health and production. Many vaccines and vaccination schedules are in use in controlling the disease but prevention and control are still a problem. A ten-year retrospective study (2002-2011) of Newcastle disease and other poultry diseases diagnosed at the Poultry Clinic of Ahmadu Bello University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (ABUVTH), Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria was conducted. Out of 2,649 cases of poultry presented, 43.9% (1,164 cases) were confirmed as ND. The highest number of cases of the disease was in August followed by July and May. The cases of ND were observed to be higher in the rainy season (July to September), but it seems to be 1.43 times more likely to occur during pre-dry season (October to December). Most of the cases of ND were recorded in chickens and turkeys. Birds between the ages of 9 and 20 weeks were 2.01 times more likely to suffer from ND than younger birds. Most of the cases of ND were reported in birds that were vaccinated against ND than non-vaccinated ones. It was recommended that monitoring of Newcastle disease antibody titre should be intensified during rainy season and birds should be vaccinated against the disease as at when due.

Keywords: Newcastle disease, Poultry, Seasonal distribution, Vaccine, Zaria


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