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Testicular histo-morphometry and semen parameters of West African Dwarf bucks

S.A. Olurode, A.O. Adebayo, A.O. Dawodu, I.O. Oyenekan


This study evaluates the gross and histo-morphometry of the testes as well as the semen parameters of West African Dwarf (WAD) goats bred and raised in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Five apparently healthy WAD bucks were used for this study were electro-ejaculated once weekly for two weeks. Testicular weight, gonadosomatic index, seminiferous tubular diameter and seminiferous epithelial height were measured using standard techniques. Semen parameters which included volume, colour, motility and concentration as well as scrotal circumference were also determined using standard procedures. All data were recorded as mean ± standard deviation, subjected to descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation analysis at p < 0.05. Our findings revealed that the testicular gross morphometric values significantly correlate with the histometric values with normal testicular histo-architecture suggestive of typical spermatogenesis. Furthermore, the scrotal circumference showed positive relationship with both the gross and histometric parameters of the testis. However, there was no significant correlation between scrotal circumference and semen parameters. This information could improve understanding of reproduction in the WAD buck.

Keywords: Semen evaluation, Spermatogenesis, Testicular morphometry, Reproduction, WAD goat
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