Evaluation of the knowledge and application of diagnostic imaging modalities among veterinary surgeons in Nigerian veterinary medical schools

  • C.S. Ibe
  • A.A. James
  • J.O. Nzalak
Keywords: CT, MRI, NMI, Radiography, Thermography, Ultrasonography


The awareness, theoretical and practical knowledge of radiography, ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), nuclear medical imaging (NMI) and thermography were accessed among veterinary surgeons teaching in veterinary schools in Nigeria, using a structured questionnaire. Respondents were grouped into five depending on their years of experience post-graduation. These were Group A (0-5 years), Group B (6-10 years), Group C (11-15 years) Group D (16-20 years) and Group E (> 20 years). The result of the awareness of radiography as a diagnostic imaging modality in veterinary practice was not dependent on the years of research experience. A 100 % of respondents in Group A were aware that ultrasonography is indicated in veterinary practice; while only 96.67 % were aware that radiography is so indicated. There was a gradual decline in the awareness of CT compared to radiography and ultrasonography. There was low awareness of the application of MRI, NMI and thermography in veterinary practice by all respondents irrespective of their years of experience. There was a decline in the degree of theoretical knowledge with advancement in the technique. The variation in the mere observation of the practical demonstration of radiography was related to years of research experience, with the exception of Group D. Group E recorded the highest positive response to practical knowledge of all the diagnostic imaging modalities. There was a remarkable drop in the practical knowledge of CT, MRI, NMI and thermography, compared to radiography and ultrasonography in each of the study groups. Only 1 veterinary school had a CT scanning machine, and none had an MRI unit, a gamma camera or a thermographic camera. Only 4 veterinary schools taught MRI. No veterinary school taught NMI and thermography. Appropriate recommendations were made.

Keywords: CT, MRI, NMI, Radiography, Thermography, Ultrasonography


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