Haematological studies of donkeys in Sokoto state, Nigeria

  • AS Yakubu
  • UM Chafe
Keywords: Haematology, Donkeys


Normal reference values for adult donkeys were established by studying the haematological parameters of 50 donkeys in Sokoto state. The mean values obtained for RBC, WBC, PCV, ESR and 4.68 × 10/ mm³, 10.17 × 10³/mm³, 30.28% and 48.46mm/20min respectively. Differential counts were as follows: Neutrophils, 48.84%, Lymphocyte 40.2%, Monocyte 7.12%, Eosinophils 2.54% and Basophils, 1.12%. No significant differences was observed between the sexes in all the parameters (P>0.05). The correlation between the haematological parameters of male, female and all sexes was also not significant (p>0.05).

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eISSN: 1595-093X
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