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Nanotechnology applications in veterinary diagnostics and therapeutics

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Livestock is an important component of the economy of most countries of the world, as it provides some foreign exchange earnings for social amenities and general development. Disease has been a major setback in livestock  production and new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches have evolved over time to strictly identify and treat diseases of animals for the purpose of  increased protein supply for human nutrition. In the search for improved  diagnostic methodologies, livestock disease diagnostics and therapeutics  have moved from the traditional methods to molecular and currently  nanotechnology. In this contribution, the authors identified the importance of nanotechnology in veterinary diagnostics and therapeutics and suggest that nanotechnology should be combined with molecular diagnostics and  therapeutics to boost the efficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases for improved protein supply and food security.

Keywords: Applications, Nanotechnology, Review, Veterinary diagnostics, Veterinary therapeutics