Postmodern thinking as an epistemological revolution: An exposition

  • J O Chimakonam
Keywords: Postmodern, Epistemological, Revolution, Modernity, Knowledge.


Post modernism is a buzz term used in the humanities, social sciences, the sciences and even in technology. It more or less connotes a certain set of activities that centres at a sort of break from what was regarded as “a rigid or foundational modern” to a new way of thinking or doing things that is regarded as freer and diversified. It finds expression in philosophy in its revolutionary stance against "modern philosophy‟ which harps on acquisition of knowledge on the basis of a generally accepted system. Post modernism rather harps on application of various forms of knowledge, and their functionality with no respect to a reveled foundation. The burden of this paper is to attempt a critical exposition of the revolutionary mode of postmodernism on epistemology. Our conclusion is that, though it has led to great development in science and technology, the end products could be devastating to humanity.

Key Words: Postmodern, Epistemological, Revolution, Modernity, Knowledge.


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eISSN: 1119-443X