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Democracy, justice and the quest for socio-political order in Nigeria

M K O Edogiawerie


Many countries of the world, especially in the post modern era, crave to enthrone democracy because it is popularly believed that it is the best system of government. So, to ensure socio-political, economic and religious advancement of the state democracy is preferred. African nations are not left out in this crave especially as they wouldn't want to be left behind in the march towards globalization. Nigeria recently became a democratic nation and she is fighting very hard to consolidate it. With the attainment of democracy, some analysts have come to the conclusion that the much advocated justice and equality of all men will be a phenomenon that has come to stay. Hence, it is the aim of this paper to attempt an examination of the nexus between democracy and justice and the benefits accruable to the Nigerian society or any society at that. The paper will also try to find out how democracy and justice can bring about socio-political stability and advancement to the country Nigeria.

Keywords: Democracy, Justice, Socio-Political Stability.

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