The contribution of gender to students’ academic performances

  • F A Fan
  • L A James
  • T E Ekpo
  • H A Aaron
Keywords: Gender, Academic Performance, Students


This work used the ex post facto to design and deepen our understanding of the relationship between gender and students academic performances in social studies. The sample comprised 330 JSS III students (130 male and 200 female) drawn from 50 out of 73 schools in Calabar Educational Zone. Two instruments were used: The students' questionnaire and a 50-item multiple test in social studies validated by test experts. These instruments were trial-tested and a reliability co-efficient of 0.93 obtained. The data generated were analysed using Independent t-test. The result showed no significant relationship between gender and students' achievements in social studies. It therefore recommended that teachers go to the classes with unbiased notion of gender among learners in their various disciplines.

Key Words: Gender, Academic Performance, Students


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eISSN: 1119-443X