Philosophy of art and art of philosophy

  • C Etim


This paper is an attempt to examine the relationship between philosophy and art. Philosophy and art can be seen primarily as two distinct but logically related phenomena in human experience. For although they differ in subject matter, each of them does have implications for the other in the sphere of knowledge and transformation of the world. They can be seen both as activity and as artifact. They also constitute two distinct but related modes of life that people live by. In spite of any perceived differences, there seems to be a way in which they are logically connected such that they can be viewed in the same contexts. They can be used to transform society or destroy it. And it seems that this would be possible when art and philosophy are viewed in the context of craft, whether as process or as product. In this way we can hope to find an interplay between philosophy and art, resulting in philosophy of art and art of philosophy, as well as in a theory of art as construction, which recommends “logical construction” as the fundamental principle by which we can use the nexus of philosophy and art to transform our experiences and the world.

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