The prospects of philosophy graduates in a competitive global market

  • Andrew F. Uduigwomen
  • Dominic A. Effiong
Keywords: Philosophy, Graduates, Competitive, Global, Market


In an era of competitive global market where the crisis of relevance ranges fiercely, the question that agitates the mind of the beginning student of philosophy, given the very nature of philosophy is, can it be a source of livelihood after graduation? Sure, critics wonder where philosophy fits into the job market. The physician, lawyer, engineer, economist, banker, journalist, agriculturist, pharmacist, musician, artist or actor-each makes a living doing what his or her subject area says? But what about a philosopher? The paper argues that a training in philosophy fulfills the two basic goals of learning, namely, formative goal (self-development) and utilitarian goal (job placement). The paper goes further to identify possible areas through which one that studied philosophy could earn a living.

Keywords: Philosophy, Graduates, Competitive, Global, Market


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eISSN: 1119-443X