Religious colonisation of Nigeria and its economic risks: A philosophical- analytical consideration

  • Patricia EbereNwazonobi
  • Victor Ogbozor
  • Nwobi Kelechi
  • Azi Samuel
  • Amos- risachi Ota
Keywords: Religion, colonization, Nigeria, Economic Risks


Religion as a socio-spiritual phenomenon remains an embodiment of the contents of the aspirations of the people. As a social force, it binds people together. Religion is inseparable from society hence its position in the society remains inevitable. Religion could be positively used f or as well negatively channeled against development of the society. In Nigeria the role of religion has been seen from both sides especially when the fact of Nigeria being religiously colonised is considered. The Christian and Islamic religions brought to Africa are a diluted Christian message mixed with political and economic interests of the colonial masters. Notably, such that both Religion and colonialism are often closely associated because the two religions were exported to Africa through the instrumentality of the European colonial powers and missionaries acted in many ways as the "religious arm" of the colonial powers. The message inculcated into the Psychic of Nigerians was the type that was meant for them to live life of the “other –world”. The new religious movements in Nigeria today do not help the matter as well with the Gospel of prosperity; Nigerians have developed “waiting for the manna and miracle” attitude. And as it is obvious, there is a great bond between religious worldview of a people and other social institutions in the society like politics and economy. The nature of people‟s spiritual disposition determines their attitude towards the material world, hence the implications of this religious colonisation are enormous economically, socially, spiritually and politically. With philosophical-analytical approach this paper sets out to extract and discuss those economic risks of religious colonization in Nigeria‟s society. The findings showed that it has brought about laziness, over-dependence on miracles and wonders as well as a wishful hope of better tomorrow without a supporting action and these factors are enemies of economic growth of any nation.


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eISSN: 1119-443X