Institutional framework for grassroot development of science and technology in Nigeria: A case study of Ebonyi state.

  • U Ugwu


In 1980, the “Lagos Plan of Action” (LPA) took note of the appalling state of most African economies and attributed this to a lack of industrial development. The LPA, further identified science and technology (S&T) as critical elements in economic and industrial development. It has been many years since African countries adopted the LPA as a broad framework for economic and industrial development. Africa's Development Decade is soon coming to an erol, but Africa remains the least developed continent in the world despite its abundant resources. Nigeria though regarded as the “giant of Africa” cannot boast of any technological breakthrough. Even though most states in Nigeria have breeds of technology, there are no incentives to advance and promote such talents. Ebonyi State which is the focus of this discourse can boast of some outstanding dispositions in the acquisition and advancement of science and technology in the state to boost the economy of both the state and the nation. Past and present perception of economic and industrial development in most African countries, particularly Nigeria, have tended to marginalize or totally ignore the critical role of technology policy. This paper is going to examine how this nation has been ignored and offer tentative solutions towards improving and advancing technological development in Nigeria using Ebonyi State as a case study.

Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy Vol. 8(1) 2005: 28-31




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