Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy

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Women trafficking and forced prostitution: The Nigerian experience

SO Tamuno, P Ogiji


This paper examines the causes of women trafficking and forced prostitution in
Nigeria. The paper was unambiguous in respect of the superiority of the argument
that these are as a result of the general level of poverty within the economy even
though the problem is a social one. After an analysis of Nigeria's experience at
attempts geared towards women participation and empowerment in the process of
economic development, the conclusion was arrived at three main factors: poverty
and unemployment, societal lukewarmness and bad leadership constitute the
major factors that promoted Nigerian girls to find solace abroad. The paper
observed further that the most credible option by which women can play their roles
well in society is to receive a fair share of the benefits of development through
improvement in their access to qualitative education and the labour market.

Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy Vol. 8(1) 2005: 37-42



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